Citadel is a massive city built on the coast, where the river meets the ocean. It is the world’s largest city, a trade hub and center of culture. Some inhabitants have even jokingly referred to it as ‘the capital of the world’. Another common nickname is ‘the City of Golems’, referring to the large population of stone golem workers.

Citadel is located near a quarry of incredible capacity, which provides cheap stone for construction. Since the nearby forests were clear-cut centuries ago, only the oldest and richest families live in wooden buildings.

The ubiquitousness of stone means the city is very well-defended. Even without the amazing protection afforded by living within sight of the Wizards’ stronghold, an attacking army would be hard-pressed to breach the ten foot thick city walls.

Another side effect of the Wizards’ influence is that magic is common. Enchanted items are much cheaper here than elsewhere, and a thousand-strong army of golems police the streets. Also, due to the rarity of wood, special heat-emanating bricks provided by the Mages Guild are used in place of firewood.

The Citadel

Confusingly, “The Citadel” can also refer to the city’s namesake, a massive stone fortress that the Wizards live in. A general rule of thumb is that “Citadel” refers to the city, while “the Citadel” refers to the structure. The Citadel is run by a small army of golems, the majority of which are made of stone. Rarer varieties exist, however, and are used for more specialized tasks. The only tasks living beings perform are clerical ones, and those requiring more finesse than a non-thinking construct can provide.


According to the last census – which only counts Citizens and Constructs – the current population of the city is:
  • ~1,200,000 humans
  • 26,000 dwarves
  • 11,000 elves
  • about 8,000 golems of varying types; most remain dormant in the Citadel

In addition, there are a number of illegals such as goblins and kobolds, which are small and quick enough to evade capture by the golems.


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